Recommended Books for ECE GATE


These are the books recommended for the different topics included in the GATE exam in ECE steram. But it is not necessary  to study all the books listed for the a topic.


* Higher Engineering Mathematics, Dr. B. S. Grewal
* Advanced Engineering Mathematics ,Erwin Kreyszig
* GATE Engineering Mathematics, Kanodia


1. Networks

* Network Analysis VanValkenburg
* Engg Circuit Analysis Hayt & Kemmerly
* Electric Circuits by Joseph A. Edminister
* Fundamentals of Electric Circuits – Sadiku

2. Electronic Devices

* Integrated electronics by Milman Halkias
* Micro Electronic Circuits by Sedra& Smith
* Electronic Devices And Circuits by David A Bell
* Electronic Principals by Malvino
* Electronic Devices And Circuits by Boylestead
* Solid State Electronic Devices By Benjamin G Streetman

3. Analog Circuits

* Electronic devices and circuits by Millman and Halkias
* Integrated Electronics by Millman and Halkias
* Electronic devices and circuits by Boylestad and Nashelsky
* Microelectronics by Millman and Grabel
* Analog Circuits by Sedra and smith
* Linear Ics and integrated circuits by Gaekwad

4. Digital Circuits

* Digital Electronics by Morris Mano
* Microprocessor by Ramesh Gaonkar
* Digital Principles and Design by Donald Givone
* Digital Circuits by Taub and Shilling
* Digital Electronics by Salivahanan

5. Signals and Systems

* Signal and Systems Simon Haykin
* DSP by Proakis and Manolkis
* Signals and Systems by Oppenheim and Schaffer
* Signals and systems by B.P.Lathi

6. Control Systems

* Modern Control system by Ogata
* Control System Engg Nagrath and Gopal
* Automatic Control System by B.C.Kuo
* solved problem in control system by Jairath

7. Communication Theory

* Communication System by Simon Haykin
* Principles of Communication system by Taub and Schilling
* Schaum series for solved problems
* Modern and Digital Communication system by B.P. Lathi

8.Electro Magnetics

* Engg Electromagnetics by William Hayt
* Elements of Electromagnetics by Mathew Sadiku
* Electromagnetic waves and Radiating system by Jordan and Balmein
* Electromagnetics by K.D.Prasad
* Microwave devices and circuits by Liao
* Schaum Series for solved problems


26 thoughts on “Recommended Books for ECE GATE

    • some u might get in electronic form…but mostly its better to but them …because I feel studying e books is cost-efficient but takes more time…

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